Take Home Whitening

Please note: A check-up must be completed to determine your teeth’s suitability for whitening. The fee for take-home whitening is $99 + $99 for your pre-whitening Check-Up and Clean, making the total package price $198. This also includes your upper and lower custom-fit whitening trays, take-home whitening gel and a sealable container to keep your trays safe (and away from your pets!)

Many people tell us that having a bright white smile helps them feel more confident and look their best.

With the SwiftQ Dental Take Home Whitening process, you can achieve a whiter smile under the guidance of a professional dental practitioner, but in the convenience of your own home.

If you feel like your teeth have been discolouring over time, the Take-Home Whitening appointment is the best place to start your SwiftQ Dental whitening process.

Choose the Take Home whitening option and we’ll get you started with your pre-whitening Check-up and Clean to determine your suitability for whitening and to prepare your teeth.

We’ll also take impressions of your teeth to make your custom-fit home whitening trays which you’ll be able to pick-up in just a few days.

Our team will show you how to apply the home whitening gel and you can expect to see results in a few days. The maximum effect will usually be achieved by applying the whitening gel daily for 30 minutes over a period of 2-3 weeks.

As all of our dental clinicians are qualified dental practitioners, we can legally provide you with a higher concentration of whitening gel compared to over-the-counter products, online self-whitening kits or beauty treatments.